Korean Instant Radiant Peel

WOne’s signature Korean Instantly Radiant Peel aims to exfoliate the damaged and dead outer layers of the skin. Also helps to rebuild collagen and cell growth regeneration from the deeper layers of the epidermis, by peeling the outer superficial layer of skin. New skin will be visibly smoother and less wrinkled.

Chemical peel may be used to treat active acne, reduce acne scars, pores, age spots, pigmentation, freckles, sun damaged skin, and other skin concerns. Targeted at facial blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, soften mild acne and facial scars, reducing wrinkles, removing pre-cancerous skin growths and improving uneven skin pigmentation, leaving the skin cleaner, softer, smoother and tighter, ensuring you minimum effort yet maximum results.

After treatment, the skin will be temporarily more sensitive to the sun. It is advisable to wear a sunscreen with “broad-spectrum” – protection against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

1. Glycolic Peels
2. Salicylic Peels
3. TCA
4. Mandelic Peels

Treatment includes:
• Post Peel Serum
• LED Light Therapy
• Rejuvenating Mask