Absolute V-Lift (HIFU)

Lift sagging skin for a firmer outlook.  Absolute V-Lift uses precise medical ultrasound for non-surgical tightening & lifting of your skin!

  • No downtime
  • Firmer & tighter skin
  • Safe & non-surgical 


MicroSmooth Skin Laser (Fractional CO2)

Safe & non-invasive in treating severe depressed acne scars & skin condition

  • Reduce dark spots and pigmentation
  • Lifting and firming effect
  • Treat blotchiness, surgical or traumatic scars

Nose Precision Lifter (HIKO Nose)

Look no further in achieving your ideal straighter & more defined nose!

  • Sharper & defined nose contours
  • Safe, non-surgical & non-implant surgery

Prismatic Glow Laser (Laser Toning)

Eliminate pigments, freckles, age or sun spots, surface acne scars & rosacea!

  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles
  • Skin whitening effect
  • Safe, non-invasive & no downtime

Pro-Luminous Precision Peel (Chemical Peel)

Exfoliates the skin and accelerates the formation of clear skin to attain brighter and even skin tone for a youthful outlook!

  • Anti-aging effect
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles & pore size
  • Brighter & even skin tone
  • Safe & non-invasive

Aqua Supercharge Booster (Skinbooster)

Experience our Aqua Supercharge Booster that significantly hydrate and smooth your skin for a more refined complexion!

  • Dewy & plumper skin
  • Smooth, toned and radiant skin
  • Refine pores & scars
  • Safe & non-invasive

V-Line Jaw Slimming (Jaw Botox)

Attain your much-desired ideal V-shaped face through V-Line Jaw Slimming. Effectively reduce the size of prominent jawline appearance!

  • Relieve tight jaw muscles
  • Slimmer & defined V-shaped face
  • Safe & non-surgical

Volume-Boosting Fillers (Nose/Chin/Cheek)

Our signature Volume-Boosting Fillers improve sunken cheeks by restoring volume and plumpness, treating facial aging and firmly established wrinkles.

  • Excellent treatment in restoring fullness
  • Reduce firm lines & wrinkles
  • Safe & non-surgical

Cryo-Ice Fat Freeze (CoolSculpting)

Cryo-Ice Fat Freeze relies on the principle of controlled cooling for non-surgical fat removal on arms, belly or thighs!

  • Safe, non-invasive & non-surgical procedure
  • Minimal downtime